Are you a person who is worrying about how to write my essay? If yes, then it is definitely because you do not have enough knowledge about essays. Well, do not worry, today’s article is all about essays and their types.

Students are asked to write essays on different topics in schools and colleges. Even when you are applying for admission to a college, you have to write a college application essay. To write a good essay, you must know about essays and their types. Unless you plan to hire a college essay writing service to do the job for you, this knowledge is essential. So, sit tight and keep on reading this article!



What is an Essay?

An essay is a short piece of writing that revolves around a certain topic. Essays are written to present ideas and explain concepts in a non-fictional manner. An essay starts from 500 words, at the very least, and can go up to 3000 words. Essay writing involves different skills from expert writers of essay writing service such as research, analysis, clarity, and persuasion and develops critical thinking in students. 

 Different Types of Essays

Essays and their writing styles vary depending on the type of essay you are writing. Before writing an essay, you must have knowledge about different essay types. A professional essay writer service can write well-structured essays because of his knowledge about essays. Here are some of the important essay types that you should know about:


Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay paints a vivid picture of a topic for the audience to help them understand a certain idea or concept. This type of essay focuses on providing details about a person, event, location, or object. This enables the readers to get to know something they have never seen before in detail. 


Narrative Essay

Narrative Essays are an important part of academia. These essays are written like stories to describe personal experiences creatively. A narrative essay is written in a first-person perspective and uses a free approach to writing. 


Informative Essay 

The main goal of an informative essay is to provide information and educate the audience on a certain topic. This basic essay type is easy to write and acts as a how-to guide for the readers. However, to write an informative essay, the writers need to do proper research to gain sufficient knowledge of the topic. 


Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays provide the audience with strong evidence, facts, and arguments to support the writer’s viewpoint. The main goal of this essay is to convince the readers to agree with the writer’s stance by proving that the writer’s viewpoint makes sense.


Persuasive Essay

As the name suggests, persuasive essays are written to persuade the audience on a certain point of view. To write a persuasive essay, you must provide knowledge of both sides to your audience and then convince them to adopt a certain side. It s the writer’s duty to provide all the facts and persuade the audience with strong, persuasive language.


Analytical Essay

An analytical essay is all about a detailed analysis of a topic understandably. It can be written on any topic such as art, music, current events, politics, science, and many others. Analytical essays provide readers the necessary knowledge on a topic to help them make informed decisions. If you still need some help you can hire essay writing service for college.


Reflective Essay

Lastly, in this type of essay, a writer reflects on his life experiences and discusses how their life experiences helped them evolve. The writer does not need to do any thorough research to write a reflective essay as it is based on personal experiences.


Writing an essay requires skills and practice. Unfortunately, not all students possess enough skills to write a good essay. To help such students maintain their grades, plenty of ‘essay writers for hire‘ services exist. It is better to use these services than failing badly even after putting in your maximum effort!   

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